Entrepreneur  Opportunities  Network

EON ensures young entrepreneurs have access support when and where they need it

What is EON

The Entrepreneur Opportunities Network (EON) offers a series of programs and resources, directly and through partners, to support young entrepreneurs in the province of Ontario.

The goal of EON is to make Ontario the most entrepreneurial region in the world by ensuring young Ontario entrepreneurs have access to a wide range of mentors, networks, resources and thought leadership regardless of the community they call home.

Based at Ryerson University, EON works with partners across the province to deliver acceleration programs for later stage companies, virtual incubation programs, early stage training programs, online resources and to promote entrepreneurial communities across the province.

About Us

Program FAQs

  • Can Anyone Apply?

    The EON program is based at Ryerson University, but we require applicants to be between the ages of 15-29, a resident of Ontario, and either a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Visit our programs pages to learn more about our program-specific eligibility criteria. Check out our partners page to find the partner nearest you.

  • Can I apply if I’m not in Ontario?

    Unfortunately, we can only accept Ontario residents for this program. However, please feel free to join our Knowledge and Opportunities Portal.

  • Does it matter how old I am?

    There is no age limit to apply to our Knowledge and Opportunities portal. For our Training, Incubator, and Accelerator programs you must be 15-29 years old.

  • How Do I Apply?

    Depending on how far along your business is you can apply to either our Training, Incubator, or Accelerator programs. All applicants must complete our online application form in order to be eligible for any of our programs.

    You can find our unified application here.

  • Once accepted, what is expected of me?

    The expectations differ by program. Please visit our program-specific pages to find out what you are required to do:
    1. Training Program
    2. Incubator Program
    3. Accelerator Program

  • Does EON take any equity?

    No, EON and Ryerson University do not take any equity. All intellectual property remains the property of the startup.

  • If I am not affiliated with an EON incubation partner can I participate in the incubation program?

    Unfortunately, we are only able to accept individuals affiliated with our EON incubation partners to our incubation program. Visit our partners page to learn more about our incubation partners in your region.


  • Cagdas Onen

    EON Project Management Lead

  • Katlynn Sverko

    Start-up Advisor

  • Ryan Wilock

    Start-up Advisor