EON Incubator Program

Working to ensure Ontario’s entrepreneurs have access to the resources and networks they require for success.

About EON  Incubator

The Entrepreneur Opportunity Network Incubator program is designed to support entrepreneurs in Ontario who do not have access to globally recognized and connected entrepreneurial hubs. Designed as a hybrid virtual/in-person program, accepted companies will be given access to the 100 Steps 2 Startup, virtual one-on-one meetings with designated start-up advisors, targeted workshops, and access to resources in the Toronto start-up ecosystem. Accepted companies will virtually meet with their Toronto-based Start-up Advisors on a regular basis.

The Entrepreneur Opportunity Network Incubation program is intended to support companies that are looking to or have achieved problem-solution fit and are looking to improve their company’s capacity for growth. 

  • Who Can Apply

    We are looking for fueled and inspired Ontarian entrepreneurs looking to move beyond survival and onto to success.
    Applicants are eligible if the following criteria are met:

    • Aged 15 to 29
    • Resident of Ontario
    • Canadian citizen or permanent resident
    • Business has monthly recurring revenue (MRR).
    • Preference is given to companies that can show an MRR that has increased in the 4 months prior to applying to the program. MRR should be less than $10,000
    • Have a scalable business model
    • Team demonstrates capacity to scale their company
    • Are recommended to this program by Entrepreneur Opportunity Network partner organizations

    Priority is given to applicants that:

    • Provide a solution to a societal need
    • Provide evidence of a well-developed team
    • Have a strong desire to scale their business to national and international markets
    • Have completed previous crowdfunding campaigns
    • Have received mentions in media and/or news outlets
  • What You Get

    Over the course of the training program you will receive:

    • Access to the Entrepreneur Opportunity Network
    • Knowledge and Opportunities Portal
    • Access to regular satellite meetings with Entrepreneur Opportunity Network’s Start-up Advisors to address critical areas.
    • 100 Steps 2 Startup Access for 1 year
    • Introductions to members and resources in Toronto’s entrepreneurial ecosystem
    • Priority when applying to Entrepreneur Opportunity Network’s Accelerator Program
    • Access to online resources to facilitate learning
  • How it Works

    This program is delivered in partnership with our incubation partners and is customized based on regional needs. Please discuss with your local EON partner on how you can engage with this program.

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