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EON is designed to be delivered in partnership with organizations that have a mandate to support entrepreneurship in their local communities. Many of our programs are co-delivered with our partners.


EON  is designed to be delivered in partnership with organizations that have a mandate to support entrepreneurship in their local communities. The partnership with EON will foster regional economic development by supporting local entrepreneurs and their businesses, as well as by building the profiles of various communities in Ontario’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Looking to learn more about becoming an EON partner? Find out the difference between our community partner and incubation partner programs here.

Community Partner

Incubation Partner

Access to 100 Steps 2 Startup



Access to Knowledge and Opportunities Portal



Access to EON Incubator Program


Access to GrowthWheel Training


Incubation Partner

  • The incubation program is delivered in a co-delivery model where both the incubation partner and EON provide support and programming to the incubation program participants. The incubation program is only available to individuals affiliated with an incubation partner. In collaboration with staff from incubation partners, EON start-up coaches will identify opportunities and risks and will make recommendations on next steps and techniques. 

  • Incubation Partner

    This hybrid virtual/in-person incubation program will support entrepreneurs in small communities to ensure they can access networks and resources not available in their local communities. Incubation partners are expected to:

    • Consult on EON’s program design, including content and resources.
    • Share content on local programs and opportunities on the EON Knowledge and Opportunities Portal.
    • Promote EON programs and recruit participants.
    • Support EON with collecting quarterly metrics on impact.
    • Deliver EON content in the region on the incubation partner when deemed mutually beneficial.
    • Host mentors and business owners visiting the region of the incubation partner and facilitate events between EONs team members and young entrepreneurs.
    • Participate in coaching session between Incubator Participants that are Local Entrepreneurs and the EON team, when available.
    • Support Incubator Participants to address local barriers to their success.
    • Use the GrowthWheel platform to monitor and support Incubator Participants.
    • Promote the program to Local Entrepreneurs in the region.

    We have a limited number of seats reserved for Incubation Partners.
    Due to demand, we are currently at capacity for Incubation Partners. Please feel free to email us to discuss what the EON program can do for you.

  • Benefits to Incubation Partner

    • Support in developing customized resources tailored to region-specific needs.
    • Fostering of regional economic development by supporting local entrepreneurs and their respective businesses.
    • Development of a local pipeline of diverse entrepreneurs between the ages of 15-29.
    • Local job creation as a direct result of businesses that are created and expanded while diverse young entrepreneurs go through the program.
    • Increased capacity to support growing businesses.
    • Opportunity to re-engage with participants following the completion of other programming and continue to provide “next level” support.
    • One (1) mentor license and associated training for GrowthWheel.
    • Up to two (2) days of onsite support per quarter for Small Business Enterprise Centres (SBECs)
    • Up to two (2) hours of virtual support per approved incubation program participants per month.

EON Incubation Partners

Community Partner

  • The Entrepreneur Opportunity Network (EON) Community Partner Program has been designed to help coordinate the resources and capacity of EON so they can be used at a local level across Ontario. Community partners are organizations that have partnered with EON to deliver specific programs and resources at the local level. Any small business centre in Ontario can request to be an EON community partner. Community partners must be willing to share their best practices with network partners and have a focus on supporting the development of their local entrepreneurial community.

  • Program

    • Access to the EON Training Program for selected participants.
    • Access for approved participants to 100 Steps 2 Startup: A self-paced online entrepreneurial training program.
    • Access to over 100 videos and 80 worksheets tailored to supporting successful business creation.
    • Ability to leverage the EON Knowledge and Opportunities Portal to share local content and opportunities for local and provincial business owners.
    • Applicants affiliated with community partners receive priority access to the EON Accelerator Program.
    • Participants affiliated with community partners gain access to online question and answer sessions to help guide their entrepreneurial journey.

    With both the Community and Incubation Partner Programs, EON determines which applicants are admitted to the programs based on the eligibility criteria of the program and number of remaining seats.

    Participants that do not meet the minimum requirements or expectations put forth by EON may be removed from the program at the discretion of the EON team. 

  • Benefits to Community Partner

    • Building of organization’s profile within the community and across the province.
    • Fostering regional economic development by supporting local entrepreneurs and their respective businesses.
    • Development of a local pipeline of diverse young entrepreneurs.
    • Recognition for leadership in developing Ontario’s entrepreneurship strategy.
    • Increased capacity to connect participants with the resources they need to grow their business.
    • The ability to share content on the EON Knowledge and Opportunities Portal.

EON Community Partners