Knowledge and Opportunities Portal 


The Entrepreneur Opportunity Network (EON) understands that finding the best resources suited to individual business needs is difficult. Keeping up-to-date on the latest opportunities and determining which are suitable to one’s business needs is also a challenge for most entrepreneurs. The EON Knowledge and Opportunities Portal was made to combat these challenges and simplify the information and opportunities provided to entrepreneurs. By only providing relevant resources and opportunities startups can spend more time contributing to the core functions of their business than sifting through unnecessary and time-consuming information.

  • Benefits for EON Participants

    • Access to curated content, which will help develop entrepreneurial skills and knowledge.
    • Reduced time searching for content and opportunities suited to entrepreneur and industry-specific needs.
    • Ability to opt-in to an existing Ryerson portal to access export opportunities, sale opportunities with the Province of Ontario, and funding opportunities.
    • Ability to opt-in to an existing Ryerson hiring portal and gain access to over 100,000 job seekers.
  • Benefits for EON Partners

    • A portal to share local opportunities with both local and provincial business owners.
    • Connection to provincial opportunities, procurement and export opportunities with the Province of Ontario, and funding opportunities for program participants.
    • Exposure on a province-wide platform aimed at the entrepreneurial community.
  • What You Can Expect

    The EON Knowledge and Opportunities Portal is open to any entrepreneur across the Province of Ontario looking for additional support and guidance to help sustain and grow their business. The EON Knowledge and Opportunities Portal sends tailored content directly to the entrepreneur and is made visible in the entrepreneur’s feed.

    You can expect content from thought leaders on things like: entrepreneurship, scalability, branding, growth, and customer discovery.

    We will continue to add and update content to give you the best chances of succeeding in your business. Is there something you want to learn more about or some content you want us to add? Send us an email to help us improve our content and make you the best entrepreneur you can be!

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